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Deep Roots Program

A New Environmental Program for Students K-2nd Grade

A dynamic, 45-minute presentation leaving students with a greater connection to the land that we live on here in Illinois: The Prairie!

Developed and Written by Environmental Educators: Jackie Flanagan, Louise Kelly, Jean Kent

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"Deep Roots" teaches Illinois children about the deep roots of prairie plants, encouraging them to grow their own deep roots into this land we live on.

From this interactive, musical experience children will develop empathy for living creatures and the land.  

Illinois: The Prairie State

Meet Eagle and Owl

Children ages K-2nd grade will be delighted by Eagle and Owl as they:

  • Educate about prairie plants and animals

  • Engage through song and dance

  • Inspire students through the collective creation of a (musical) prairie

  • Experience a sense of belonging to the land they live on.

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Learn More about this Interactive Program

Bring Deep Roots to your Community

This assembly-style performance can take a number of shapes and forms, from workshops and residency programs for elementary schools, to park districts and forest preserves. 
The intended audience is early elementary school, from kindergarten to 3rd grade.

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This Deep Roots video is shared with educators a week before the Program and plants the seeds for the live educational experience. Students will be introduced to the plants and animals of the prairie in a fun, animated format.  

"Deep Roots" was written by Louise Kelly, produced by Daniel Oldham, and animated by Kelsey Boncato. Partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency. 


The program is grateful for partial support by

the Illinois Arts Council Agency





The Deep Roots Program was developed from a collaboration between

  • Louise Kelly, musician/ singer-songwriter/ educator 


  • SCARCE, an award-winning sustainability center.

Louise Kelly
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