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Turn Away – What A Wonderful World Mashup 🌎

What would the world look like if we experienced an ECOLOGICAL CONVERSION? 💙💚💛

What better way to addresses that very question than with a mashup of one of my songs, “Turn Away,” with this classic Louis Armstrong tune? THIS new music video was recorded by yours truly at Upstairs @ St. Andrew’s in Downers Grove, IL, April 12, 2021. This song is an excerpt from a show recorded for College of DuPage’s Alumni Spotlight Concert Series. More music videos from this show are forthcoming. Why sit around and twiddle your thumbs? Subscribe to my youtube channel.

Shout out to Pope Francis who, in his book “Laudato Si,” calls all people to an ecological conversion. A converted people 🦋 act differently

🦋talk differently

🦋see things differently. What if we transformed in our connection to the Earth? We would no longer see it as something to extract resources from in an endlessly parade of taking. We wouldn’t see it as something to produce things for us to consume and then throw away. We wouldn’t see the land as a thing at all. But rather, a living, breathing, homeland. Motherland. Sacred. Beautiful. Someone we learn the ancient ways from. She sustains us. We honor her.

She is Cherishable. And you are, too. 💙💚💛

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