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Two Gardens

My album, Two Gardens, was released August, 2020. Here’s a little bit about it, written by Gwen Schulte:

Hope, longing, and loneliness seed Two Gardens’ eight verdant, soulful tracks. This album affirms the effortless link between our natural world and our natural connections with the ones we love, lending meaning and melody to the intertwined phenomena around us. An ebbing river is an estranged friend; a network of roots, the certainty of belonging. The dreams we nurture for ourselves and our children flourish in a garden plot, and parenting is storm-chasing under a sky of silver linings.

Subtle synth undertones weave through complex jazz harmonies like a stream trickling through a coffeehouse, while lilting, stirring vocals bloom and uplift. Louise’s piano and vocals make for an intuitive, inextricable pair that not only play off each other, but play with each other. Two Gardens preserves, yet rejuvenates the sense of lyrical, musical intimacy that longtime listeners have come to cherish from Louise Kelly.

Hear it today on all streaming platforms here.

The following singles were released Spring of 2020:

“Loneliest Town” and “You and You Alone”

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